Realizing ideal automotive interior and exterior components through global supply and support system

With the progress of automobile society, not only driving performance, but also safety, comfort and reliability are in high demand. On the basis of its global information network and business alliances, INOAC supplies epoch-making new materials with excellent material development capabilities and specialized production expertise, creating new values. To respond to customers highly diversified needs, INOAC promotes the establishment of a global product/technology supply and support system, based on four operational cores: Japan, North America, Europe and the Asian region. INOAC intends to realize its dream of becoming a world-class prestigious technological development group and unique global comprehensive interior and exterior component supplier, so as to contribute to the progress of international society and automobile industry.


INOAC's urethane foam was first adopted in 1956 as insulation material for engines and ceilings. In 1960, INOAC began to produce urethane anti-crush pads as an interior part. Later, we developed many interior parts such as armrests and seat cushions, the majority of which were made from urethanes, taking advantage of the material's characteristics. Featuring the world's top-level technological expertise and the worldwide network, INOAC intends to satisfy diverse needs.

Major Items :
Pillar garnishes, EA Rib, Grove box, Instrument panel parts, opening trim, EA pad, headrests and seat pads

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Using the technology transferred from Bayer of Germany, INOAC began to produce frame molds for decoration of TVs and audio systems. In 1968, our cab molds were adopted as window molds for the first time in Japanese cars. In 1970,we began to produce urethane bumpers. Later we produced many exterior parts, such as the world's first SUS foil molding and Japan's first soft rear spoiler. To keep up with ever-changing times and needs, INOAC intends to commit itself to further research and development, to produce high-quality, functionally sophisticated products.

Major Items :
Window moldings, roof moldings, side moldings, Rocker panel, Over fender, bumpers, spoilers, side mudguards and paint parts

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INOAC's development and commodity development technologies of rubber, urethane, plastic and synthetic materials are highly useful for automobile function parts. To improve driving performance and comfort, the quality of these products will be examined more closely in the future. INOAC intends to satisfy the need for even more superior products.

Major Items :
Ducts, weather strips, steering boots, rubber hoses, bound bumpers, pedestrian protection components, sound absorption components and sealing parts

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